How do I Bring Along a Camping Stove?

How do I Bring Along a Camping Stove?Backpacking is a serious sport, but don't deny yourself the small luxuries of home while you are out on the trail. A hot cup of coffee in the morning or a warm meal at the end of a long day can make a memorable backpacking trip even better. With the advent of self-contained camping stoves that weigh in at under a pound, including fuel and pans, you can bring along a camping stove and barely notice the extra weight in your pack.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Self-contained camping stove
  • Fuel
Step 1
Purchase a self-contained camping stove. These units are light, with the lightest weighing less than one pound, including a 100-gram fuel tank. Self-contained camping stoves include a pot to boil water, but if you want a frying pan or cooking pot, buy one that is compatible with your camping stove.
Step 2
Purchase fuel for your self-contained camping stove. These stoves run on a blend of propane and isobutane fuels, and you'll need to buy fuel packaged specifically for your brand of camping stove for ease of assembly. Buy the smallest fuel size possible to lighten the load in your backpack.
Step 3
Pack your self-contained stove so that it takes up as little room in your backpack as possible. Fold down the canister stabilizer legs. If you've already attached the fuel to the burner base, unscrew it and put the cap on securely.
Step 4
Put the canister stabilizer in the bottom of your stove's heating cup, and place the burner base on top of it.
Step 5
Set the fuel canister on the burner base and put the lid on the heating cup. Put the stove in your backpack.

Tips & Warnings

The self-contained camping stove parts are designed to nest together, so don't worry about the stove being damaged in your backpack.
You can't take fuel for your self-contained camping stove on an airplane. If you plan to fly with your camping stove, leave your fuel at home and buy fuel at your destination.

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