How to Build Bicycle Trailers

How to Build Bicycle Trailers
Bike trailers make shopping and transporting tools, equipment and sports gear easy. You can build a bike trailer using just a few simple tools. In most cases, you transport small loads of up to 20 pounds with a bike trailer. Large cargo trailers are also available, but for items such as groceries, waste and equipment, all you need is a simple homemade bike trailer.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Use aluminum tubing to construct a square. The square will function as the base of your trailer and must measure 2.5-feet long on each side.
Step 2
Locate the end of each piece of tubing. Drill a hole in each end of the tubing and fasten them together. You will need a wrench and .5-inch bolts.
Step 3
Position the base of the trailer in an upright position if it is not already. Fasten a 3-foot-long piece of tubing to the front of the trailer. The tubing will function as the tongue that connects the trailer to your bicycle. You will need .5-inch bolts.
Step 4
Drill two holes on opposite sides of the trailer. The holes must line up exactly. Imagine an imaginary line running between the two holes that joins them at the same height. Attach two 20-inch wheels; one on each side. Insert the wheel axle into the hole you just drilled and then bolt each one down using .5-inch bolts.
Step 5
Drill a hole in the end of the connecting tube and slide the quick release of your bike's rear wheel inside. The trailer is now securely attached to the axle and ready for use.

Tips & Warnings

Add decals to decorate your bike trailer.
Before building a bike trailer you must always consider the type of bicycle that will be used, the towing capacity of the bike and the intended use of the trailer.

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