How to Use a Penn Senator Baitcast Reel

How to Use a Penn Senator Baitcast Reel
The Penn Senator casting reel is a durable, heavy-duty reel designed for big-game fishing. The reel has high-strength gearing and reinforced side plates on an aluminum spool. The reel is best suited for casting heavy baits and trolling for large tuna, marlin, tarpon and other powerful saltwater gamefish. It is designed to be stout and easy to operate. Unlike many other big-game reels, the Senator has a simple design with a strong handle and smooth drag. The extra features that are not necessary were left behind to create a straightforward big game reel.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Senator reel
  • 65- to 100-pound braided line
  • Fishing rod
Step 1
Clamp the reel to a heavy-duty fishing rod. Run the tag end of a braided 65- to 100-pound line through the guides and to the spool of the reel. Use an arbor knot to tie the line to the spool of the reel.
Step 2
Place the line between the pages of a heavy book. Phone books and dictionaries work well for keeping tension on the line. Crank the spool and be sure the line is winding evenly. Use your thumb to make minor adjustments as you wind the line. If the line is loose or uneven, it can create tangles in the future.
Step 3
Attach the lure or bait of your choice to the line and begin fishing. Adjust the drag of the reel by moving the knob forward or backwards. The drag adjustment lever is located above the handle of the reel.
Step 4
Push the drag knob forward to tighten the drag. Pull the knob backwards to loosen the drag. Many anglers will set the drag to a low resistance to increase the struggle with large fish.
Step 5
Set the drag to zero and manually pull line off the reel to increase the depth when you are trolling. Crank the handle counter-clockwise to reduce the depth or fight fish.

Tips & Warnings

Set the drag at a moderate resistance for general fishing. You can always adjust the drag while fighting the fish. A low drag setting is ideal for a difficult struggle but a tight drag will land fish much quicker.
Although the Senator reel is designed for saltwater use and has the ability to resist the corrosive properties of saltwater, you should wash the reel with freshwater after each use. This will increase the life of the reel and the line.

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