Aluminum Bicycle Frame Repair

Aluminum Bicycle Frame Repair
After a collision, it is common for a cyclist to notice small scratches and dents along the frame. Damage to an aluminum bicycle frame is easy to repair and the process only requires a few simple tools. Damage that is significantly greater than this may require the assistance of a professional, who can weld aluminum without risk of fatiguing it beyond repair.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Clean the surface of the bicycle with an automotive cleaner. Remove any dirt, debris or grime that is visible on the aluminum bike frame. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.
Step 2
Sand the aluminum. Use 160-grit sandpaper for deeper scratches and blemishes and 230-grit sandpaper for mild scratches. Run the sandpaper over the damaged aluminum bike frame using a back and forth pattern.
Step 3
Wipe the aluminum frame to remove any excess filings from the sanding.
Step 4
Use auto body filler such as Bondo to fill scratches, dents and holes. Mix a 2-inch section of Bondo as directed. Apply the mixture with a putty knife to the bike frame. Fill in the structural damage completely. Remember to spread the Bondo as thinly and as evenly as possible. Allow the auto body filler to harden for approximately 45 minutes.
Step 5
Use a medium grit sandpaper to dull any ridges and hard edges that may have formed during the drying process. Sweep your hand across the auto body filler to check that the surface is smooth.
Step 6
Paint the aluminum frame. Start with a primer such as Rustoleum Painter's Touch primer, allow it to dry and then pain the frame with an automotive paint such as Rusoleums American Accents paint. Use masking tape to cover any part of the bike frame that you do not want to paint.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear a face mask when handling paint.

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