How to Use the Pinnacle Platinum Plus Baitcast Reel

How to Use the Pinnacle Platinum Plus Baitcast Reel
The Pinnacle Platinum Plus is a low-profile baitcasting reel. The reel has good ratings and although it is not "top of the line," many anglers enjoy the consistency and durability of the reel. It has a 6.2:1 gear ratio and weighs less than 9 ounces. The reel can hold 120 yards of 12-pound test line and the overall weight of the reel is reduced by the graphite frame. The reel also has a side plate for easy access to the spool for maintenance.


Difficulty: Moderate

Reel Setup

Things You’ll Need:
  • Pinnacle Platinum Plus Reel
  • 12-pound fishing line
Step 1
Attach the reel to a baitcasting rod. Run the tag end of 12-pound test fishing line from the line spool down through the rod guides to the reel. Use an arbor knot to attach the end of the line to the spool of the reel.
Step 2
Place the line between the pages of a thick book, such as a phone book or dictionary. The book will place tension on the line while you crank it on the reel. This will reduce tangles in the future. You could also have someone hold the line source on a screwdriver or other object that permits it to turn but through which you could keep tension on the line. In this case you would not need the book.
Step 3
Crank the handle of the reel until 100 to 120 yards of line is on the reel. Crank the handle at a moderate pace and check the reel while cranking to ensure the line is winding evenly and tightly. If the line is loose it will tangle during fishing.

Using the Reel

Step 1
Turn the knob on the cast control to make adjustments for distance. Turn clockwise to cast farther and counter-clockwise to stop the cast short.
Step 2
Turn the drag knob, which is located on the handle side of the reel, to adjust the drag tension. Clockwise turns will tighten the drag and counter-clockwise turns will loosen the drag.
Step 3
Use the push button and cast your lure or bait. Once the line is in the water, turn the anti-reverse switch to the "on" position. The switch will only allow you to reel in one direction. This will reduce slack in the line and prevent tangles. Turn the switch to the "off" position to reel in two directions.
Step 4
Crank the handle forward to retrieve line and continue to cast and retrieve.

Tips & Warnings

The Platinum Plus has multiple features that are helpful in difficult fishing conditions. Use the anti-reverse in heavy wind to prevent wind knots and slack line. Also adjust the drag to a medium setting and make fine adjustments when you suit the size and species of fish being targeted.
Do not overload the spool with fishing line. You can underline the reel by 10 to 20 yards to prevent tangles from occurring on an overcrowded spool.

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