How to Build Your Own Bike Carrier

How to Build Your Own Bike Carrier
Bike carriers make it easy for travelers to transport bicycles as well as cycling gear and equipment. The installation process is moderately easy and requires a few simple tools. Once the bike carrier is installed, you can load it to capacity and carry your bicycles to any trails you want to ride. Be sure to use bike straps or chains to secure bicycles and other equipment when traveling downhill. These and other accessories are available at bike stores.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Measuring tape
  • Towers
  • Drill stop
  • 4 protective slats
  • Bike carrier
  • Self-sealing screws
  • Screwdriver
Step 1
Clean the car roof, so it is free of dirt, debris and grime. Use an automotive soap to wash and dry with a microfiber towel.
Step 2
Measure, using the tape, the dimensions of your roof, which determine the size and placement of the bike carrier.
Step 3
Install a tower to the side rails of your roof. Towers are made of stainless steel, nylon and aluminum and are raised fasteners used to support the roof carrier.
Step 4
Drill the towers into place. Follow the two to four pre-drilled hole along the side rails. The hole are visible and are spaced several inches apart. Insert the cross bars into the towers. Use self-sealing screws to secure the cross bars. Self-sealing screws prevent water damage and are commonly available for most roof carriers. Use a drill stop to prevent from drilling into the roof of your car.
Step 5
Lay the center roof protective slats evenly over the roof. (Slats are used to prevent damage to your roof.) You will most likely need four slats. Space the slats two to three inches apart. Slats are generally one inch in width.
Step 6
Lay the bike carrier over the protective slats and then use self-sealing screws to anchor the roof carrier in place. Tighten manually, with a screwdriver or with a drill.

Tips & Warnings

Check with the manufacturer of the vehicle to determine if the roof can support the weight of a roof carrier.

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