How to Attach RV Roof Carriers

How to Attach RV Roof Carriers
If you need transport camping equipment, hiking gear, bicycles or luggage, an RV carrier is your easiest option . The installation process only requires a few simple steps. Aluminum RV carriers are durable, adjustable and attach directly to the preinstalled side rails located on the roof of your RV. You'll need to choose the appropriate size carrier for your RV.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Automotive cleaner
  • Microfiber towel
  • Mounting brackets
  • Rack tubing
Step 1
Remove all dirt, grime and debris from the roof of your RV with an automotive cleaner. Hand dry with a microfiber cloth especially designed for recreational vehicles. You will continue to work from the roof of your RV.
Step 2
Install the mounting brackets. Use a measuring stick to measure the length of the roof and align accordingly. Press down to snap the mounting brackets into the side rails. You will see that the side rails have been preinstalled on the roof by the manufacturer. The side rails are raised several inches above the roof of the RV to protect the paint on your RV from scratches.
Step 3
Install the rack tubing. Plug the rack tubing into the mounting rings. Adjust as necessary for correct placement. The top bracket (which is located at the front of the RV) could have a measurement of 48 to 60 inches depending on the width of your RV.
Step 4
Center the tubing under the mounting rigs and press down to snap into place at the front of the RV. Move to the rear of the RV to snap the rear rack tubing into place on both sides. (You will secure the tubing in at a later step.)
Step 5
Install side rack tubing. Left and right side tubing generally measures 90 to 94 inches depending on the size of the RV. Fasten together two pieces of rack tubing to form the complete left side; the same is true for the right rack tubing. Look for the left-sided tubing to slant to the left. For example, you will fit each piece of left slanted tubing together to form the full left side bracket.
Step 6
Locate a bracket at the center point between the top left and bottom left brackets as well as the top right and bottom right brackets. Press down to snap the left and right side brackets into place. Each bracket has double-sided entry, meaning that each bracket will allow tubing to snap into it from the left and right.
Step 7
Secure the rack tubing. Screw the base of the bracket so the tubing is secure enough to carry a heavy load. Drill until there is no movement or sliding and each bolt is completely fastened.

Tips & Warnings

If you don't want to climb onto the roof, you can also work from a ladder that is equipped with a top workstation tool box/tray.
Reduce the number of trips up and down the ladder by loading as many tools and parts onto the tool box/tray as possible.
Left-side tubing will slant toward the left and right-sided to the right.
Tubing will connect to form a large square when fastened in place.

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