How to Change a Bicycle Seat

How to Change a Bicycle Seat
Changing a bicycle seat can help deliver superior comfort and performance, assuming you carefully selected a good seat. This simple task requires merely that you have the correct size wrench and tighten your replacement seat. It should take you only a few minutes to get the seat on and a few minutes to find the perfect adjustment.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Allen wrench (4mm, 5mm or other)
  • Allen wrench (4mm, 5mm or other)
Step 1
Use the correct-size Allen wrench to remove the bolts on the old seat. The bolts to the seat are on the underside on the seat post clamp. If you're not sure which size wrench you'll need, just grab a bike tool or set of Allen wrenches and experiment until you get the one that fits.
Step 2
Locate the middle bolt or pair of bolts on either side of the clamp, and unscrew by turning them counterclockwise.
Step 3
Loosen a one-bolt system enough so that you can turn the top piece, which will expose the rails and allow you to pull the seat off. On a two-bolt post, you can remove both bolts, pull the top off and take the seat out. Be careful not to misplace any hardware.
Step 4
Place the two rails of your new seat into the slots in the clamp. Tighten the bolt(s) partially, then adjust the seat position and angle to the desired position.
Step 5
Adjust the seat by sliding it forward or backward to a spot that allows you to remain in a comfortable biking position. To adjust the tilt, simply grab the front of the seat and push it up or down to the right position.
Step 6
Tighten the bolts all the way with your Allen wrench. When tightening a two-bolt clamp, alternate between each bolt to get a flush, uniform fit.
Step 7
Sit on top of your new seat and make sure that all your adjustments are optimal. If necessary, reloosen it and make any tweaks to the angle and position. Then retighten.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure that all hardware is connected correctly and fully tightened down before you attempt to ride on the bike.

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