How to Take Care of a Wetsuit

How to Take Care of a Wetsuit
Wetsuits are a common part of the kit for surfers, scuba divers, water skiers and other water sports enthusiasts. They are pretty durable, but the sports they are used in put them through a lot of hard use and sometimes in corrosive environments. As even a wetsuit of middling quality is pretty expensive, it behooves owners to take good care of their outfits.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tank of freshwater Detergent
  • Tank of freshwater
  • Detergent
Step 1
Take care to break any suction between you and the wetsuit while removing it. The best way to do this is to run your hand along the inside of an area before peeling it off.
Step 2
Be patient about peeling the suit off. Getting in a rush inevitably means overstretching the suit's neoprene fabric, increasing wear and tear on the suit.
Step 3
Dunk the suit immediately in a tank of freshwater if you were using it in a salt water environment. The same applies for a chlorinated swimming pool. Salt and chlorine will have a corrosive effect on the neoprene if left on too long, so that needs to be rinsed off at once.
Step 4
Hang the suit up to dry wherever it is convenient, but do not hang it out in direct sunlight. Heavy UV (ultraviolet ray) exposure will degrade neoprene just as much as salt.
Step 5
Hand-wash the suit periodically. Use cold tap water and ordinary detergent to do this, and do not use bleach. Hot water washing will damage the suit, so do not use water any warmer than lukewarm. A periodic washing will help control mildew and any briny smell, but the suit cannot be machine washed or dried. It must be washed by hand and line dried.
Step 6
Store the suit in a cool, dry, dark place. Just as hot water and sunlight damage the neoprene, so will toasty storage conditions. Avoid putting a wetsuit in a place like a car trunk for long-term storage.

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