How to Make Bicycle Fenders

How to Make Bicycle Fenders
Cyclists realize that at some point they will be riding in wet conditions, making it difficult to stay clean. Fenders that fit over bicycle tires, especially the rear one, will keep the rider much drier and cleaner -- and they don't have to be expensive. Build simple, flexible fenders for less than $3 apiece.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Metal coat hangers
  • Plastic garden fencing
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape
  • Zip ties
  • Metal ties
Step 1
Cut the fencing in half lengthwise to get two 1.5-foot pieces. Cut the two sides off the fencing and then cut the corners off of the rear portion of the fence to end up with a rounded flat fender. Repeat for the other piece of plastic.
Step 2
Tape one end of the plastic to the bottom of your seat post. Unfold the wire hangers and bend them into a "U" shape. Cut two slits three-fourths of the length back on the fender and slide the hanger through so that the valley of the "U" is situated over the rear tire. Tape the two free ends of the coat hanger to your chainstays with the electrical tape.
Step 3
Cut two slits in the middle of the second fender and slide two zip ties to secure the fender to the underside of your front fork. Cut two slits in the front portion of the fender as was done for the rear fender. Bend the coat hanger in a "U" and slide through the two slits, securing the two ends of the coat hanger to the bottoms of your fork with electrical tape.

Tips & Warnings

Secure the fenders with metal ties to make them easily removable for dry days.
Secure the fenders with metal ties to make them easily removable for dry days.

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