How to Travel Europe With Kids

How to Travel Europe With Kids
It takes a few extra steps to plan the perfect trip to Europe with the kids because not only do you have to prepare yourself, you have to prepare the kids as well. You have to choose places that keep the kids in mind the entire time so that the kids have a great time. If you plan thoughtfully, your whole family will enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


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A Family Trip to Europe

Step 1
Make sure that you allow at least six months in which to acquire a passport for every member of the family. The kids need to have passports, and the easiest way to handle this is go to the State Department website ( and click on minor applicant if your kids are under 16 years of age.
Step 2
Ensure that you and your children are properly vaccinated for the trip. Most Western European countries don't require many vaccinations, but Eastern European countries may. Go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website ( to figure out what your family will need from country to country.
Step 3
Choose kid-friendly destinations. Pick places like magical Inverness, Scotland, where both you and the kids can enjoy looking for the Loch Ness Monster. Explore the Urquhart Castle or check out the River Ness. Or head to Italy. Italy is great for large families because of the family-friendly eating style. Head to Tuscany where the kids can run free in the open fields while the adults sip on wine.
Step 4
Choose kid-friendly hotels. Make sure that your hotel rooms are large enough for the kids and make sure that they have amenities like refrigerators to hold snacks and drinks. Make sure that there are activities to amuse the kids like a pool.
Step 5
Choose outdoor activities where the kids can burn lots of energy. If you explore all day and the kids get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of a countryside or the historic city center, then they are much more likely to sleep through the night and not be bored. Don't force kids to sit in the car for too long or hang out in museums that they will not find interesting. Choose activities like hiking, exploring, biking or skiing that will keep the kids moving.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you choose a time when the kids won't get too far behind in school.
Make sure that you choose a time when the kids won't get too far behind in school.

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