How to Fix Leaks in Air Beds

How to Fix Leaks in Air Beds
Air mattresses are a convenient way to make a camping trip more comfy. They are easily collapsed so they take up little space or weight. Unfortunately, they are also easily damaged. Fixing an air bed is usually pretty easy, but it can become a frustrating nuisance if the leak is tiny and hard to find.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Dish washing detergent Bucket Adhesive air bed patch
  • Dish washing detergent
  • Bucket
  • Adhesive air bed patch
Step 1
Locate the leak. Most of the time this will be obvious, because even a pinhole leak in an air bed can be found simply by squeezing the air out forcefully and listening for the whining noise of the escaping air. However, a leak in one of the seams of the bed will prove harder to spot. If you cannot find the leak easily, inflate the bed and then make a bucketful of soapy water with plenty of dish washing detergent. Use several times what you would consider the normal amount. This will create a solution perfect for making bubbles, the same way homemade bubble-blowing solution works. Then press the air out of the mattress again, and look for bubbles along the seams.
Step 2
Let all the air out of the air bed. If you resorted to the bubbly water to find the leak, rinse that off and let it dry.
Step 3
Slap an adhesive patch over the leak. These are widely available in camping stores, and sometimes in hardware stores under a name like "adhesive vinyl patching kit." This will fix most leaks. For big tears, multiple patches will be necessary, and patches are the best way to address tears in an air bed.
Step 4
Substitute rubber cement if the leak is in a seam, or if there are no patches available. Using rubber cement to close a tear in an air bed's seam will produce a longer-lasting fix than a patch will, and in a pinch it can be used to cover a hole. Simply smooth out that part of the mattress that has the leak, apply the cement over the affected area, and let it set overnight.

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