How to Change the Light Bulb in a Maglite 2-AA Flashlight

How to Change the Light Bulb in a Maglite 2-AA FlashlightWhen you are out on an adventure, a dependable and durable flashlight is an essential part of your gear. The Maglite 2-AA flashlight, also known as the Mini Maglite AA flashlight, is compact enough to fit in a backpack and can provide steady light when needed. Pack backup batteries and a spare light bulb to ensure you will always have a working flashlight with you.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • LM2A001 replacement bulb
Step 1
Purchase the appropriate replacement bulb for the Maglite 2-AA flashlight. According to Maglite, part number LM2A001 is the correct replacement light bulb for this particular flashlight model. You can use the Store Locator link in the Resources section of this article to find a store while traveling that sells the bulb. Replacement bulbs can usually be found at hardware stores.
Step 2
Turn off the flashlight and unscrew the bottom portion of the flashlight casing. Turn the flashlight upside down so that the batteries come out. You should always remove the batteries before attempting to replace the bulb.
Step 3
Locate the light focus adjustment portion of the top of the flashlight. This is the part that you turn left or right to adjust the focus of the light beam. Turn it counter clockwise until the top portion of the flashlight comes off. Be careful when removing the top portion as a lens cover may be present over the bulb.
Step 4
Remove the old bulb from the Maglite. You may have to move it around a bit to loosen it up; some bulbs may pop out while others need to be pulled out by guiding the bulb connector tips toward the two slots that allow the connector tips to slide out of the casing. Be careful not to squeeze the bulb too hard when gripping it.
Step 5
Gently push the new bulb into place, making sure the two connector tips slide into place without being bent. You may need to guide the tips into place using the two slots on one side of the flashlight's bulb housing.
Step 6
Replace the lens cover if one was present when opening the flashlight and gently screw the top cover piece back into place. Reinstall the batteries and screw the bottom of the Maglite tightly into place. Press the on switch to test the bulb. You may need to adjust the light focus by turning the top of the flashlight to the left or right.

Tips & Warnings

Buy two packs of replacement bulbs so you can replace the old bulb now and have a spare to keep with your camping gear.
Never try to force the bulb into place, doing so can damage the flashlight or the bulb.

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