How to Find RV Kitchen Supplies

How to Find RV Kitchen SuppliesMany RVs have full-size kitchens that are similar to kitchens in homes, only a little bit smaller. There are a number of places where you can find RV kitchen supplies, depending on what you are looking for.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Browse the aisles of RV camping supply stores for specialty kitchen items. RV supply stores sell some kitchen items specifically made for RVs, such as small dish drainers for sinks and plate holders that attach to the kitchen cabinets. Other kitchen items sold at RV stores may be no different from what you can find at regular stores, except for the price tag. Kitchen supplies for RVs carry a higher price tag, so buy only those items you really want.
Step 2
Look around the kitchen in your house for items you are no longer using. Do you have an extra pair of potholders, an extra set of silverware, drinking cups or baking pans? Stick them in your RV. Remove the clutter from your kitchen and stock your RV at the same time.
Step 3
Shop at discount stores. You do not want to fit your RV with fine china. You want unbreakable, lightweight and functional kitchen tools.
Step 4
Buy a couple of your favorite kitchen appliances from a department store. Make cooking on the road a little more like home with a coffee maker, toaster or small blender.
Step 5
Pick up storage containers at the grocery store while you do your food shopping.


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