How to Learn Fly-Fishing Knots

How to Learn Fly-Fishing Knots
Knots are an integral part of fishing. A fly fisherman can have expensive, high performance equipment and be in the best fishing waters, but he will still be totally dependent on the knots that are the all-important connection between him and the fish he is pursuing. It is ironic that the success of an expensive and time-consuming fly-fishing trip can rest on something that is totally free of charge: a properly tied knot. That is reason enough for a fisherman to utilize all the resources he can to learn to tie the knots used in fly fishing.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fly line Monofilament leader Tippet material Knot cards (optional) Book (optional)
  • Fly line
  • Monofilament leader
  • Tippet material
  • Knot cards (optional)
  • Book (optional)
Step 1
Learn fly-fishing knots by purchasing a book on the subject. This will allow you to learn not only specific knots but important general knowledge about knots. A book on fishing knots will usually cover which knots work best for various applications and types of line. The book "Practical Fishing Knots" is considered a classic, and is a great place to start.
Step 2
Visit websites that demonstrate how to tie fly-fishing knots with animated graphics. Some of these sites will show an index with graphic representations of the knots. When you click on the image, you are taken to a page that will show the knot being tied in animated motion. Many of these same sites will offer a CD-ROM or a DVD available for sale with detailed and animated tying instructions.
Step 3
Learn fly-fishing knots by first practicing them in the comfort of your own home. Fishing conditions can be demanding, with poor or blinding light, cold weather, wind and rough water. These conditions can create a very frustrating experience for the fisherman trying to learn to tie knots. Try them out by practicing at home before heading out to the water.
Step 4
Carry knot cards with you until you have become more accomplished at tying knots. These small laminated cards have the intructions for tying fly fishing knots printed on them. Keep the cards in a vest pocket for those times when you need a reminder.

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