Ireland Travel Information: Logistics and Planning

Ireland Travel Information: Logistics and Planning
Ireland is located just off the northwest corner of the United Kingdom. You can travel to the country at any point of the year; however if you are not a cold weather lover you would be well advised to skip the winter months and head on over in the spring or summertime. Although you do not need many documents outside of your passport to enter the country, there will be other issues you will need to take into consideration.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Renew or apply for a passport (if you do not currently have a passport). You can do this at any government building, such as a post office.
Step 2
Make sure to budget a good deal of extra money. Ireland is actually an incredibly expensive country to visit. Meals will cost far more than 10 euros each, and you will be hard pressed to find a decent hotel for less than 80 euros a night.
Step 3
Tip your waiter just as you would have back home (just make sure a service charge is not already in the bill).
Step 4
Leave your bike at home (it may be difficult to pass through customs). You will be able to rent bicycles throughout the country, which will prove to be far easier than putting your own bike back together.
Step 5
Pack plenty of cold and rain gear. It rains often in Ireland, so you will want to keep yourself from getting wet, especially if you are in the middle of a hike or long bike ride.
Step 6
Don't get upset if people make fun of you in Ireland. This often means they like you, and it is common throughout the country.

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