All You Need to Know About Setting Up a Family Tent

All You Need to Know About Setting Up a Family TentWhether you want to plan a family camping trip for the summer or want to pitch a family tent in the backyard, there are a number of things you should know about how to safely pitch a tent and increase your family's safety while in the great outdoors.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Manufacturer's instructions
  • Large rock or rubber mallet
Step 1
Choose a tent that is appropriate for weather conditions in the area where you and your family will be camping. For example, choose a dome family tent for areas with high winds to prevent being toppled in a wind storm or on windy day.
Step 2
Choose an appropriate camping location. Choose a location that is clear of rocks and pockets in the ground, which can hold water from rain and trap it under the tent. Look for a sturdy, level area away from water and cliff edges to avoid hazards.
Step 3
Protect the base of your tent. Place a ground cloth underneath the tent to prevent tearing and other damage. Stretch the ground cloth over the area where the family tent will be placed.
Step 4
Pitch the tent. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer (family tents vary greatly by style, type and manufacturer). As a general rule, place the tent in the same direction as the wind in the area.
Step 5
Fasten the tent securely and avoid driving a stake where there is a large amount of debris, as this can create an unstable foundation for the tent. Use a rock to push the stake in the ground.
Step 6
Pull the tent taut as you lift up the poles and guide the tent into its standing shape (for example, the shape the tent will take once it is fully assembled). Once the poles are lifted, drive the stakes further into the ground to further secure the tent and ensure the full shape of the family tent has been achieved.

Tips & Warnings

This guide should not take the place of the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your family's tent.

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