Selecting Cross Country Skis

Selecting Cross Country Skis
Cross country skiing is an excellent form of exercise in the winter, and it offers many possibilities for fun and adventure, from track skiing at cross country resorts to light backcountry touring or "hiking" on skis. Selecting a pair of cross country skis for your needs is a simple process.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cross country ski boots Bindings
  • Cross country ski boots
  • Bindings
Step 1
Choose a pair of ski boots. Not all boots are compatible with all bindings, so you need to have your boots in hand when shopping for skis.
Step 2
Decide on your primary skiing activity. Skis for track skiing differ from those for skate skiing and those for backcountry skiing.
Step 3
Choose a length and width of ski. General touring skis are narrower, designed for track skiing and skiing on packed terrain. Skate skis are shorter. Backcountry skis are wider, to provide more flotation.
Step 4
Choose between a waxless design and a waxable design. Waxless skis are good for most general use, while those seeking more performance will want a waxable pair of skis. Waxless skis have a fishtail pattern in the pocket under the boot and binding for traction on level and uphill terrain. Waxable design requires the application of wax to gain that traction.
Step 5
Demo several models of skis. Before investing in your skis, make sure they feel right underfoot. Getting them on the snow is the only way to learn if they are right.
Step 6
Choose and mount a pair of bindings to your skis that work with your boots.

Article Written By Candace Horgan

Candace Horgan has worked as a freelance journalist for more than 12 years. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications, including the "Denver Post" and "Mix." Horgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and history.

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