How to Catch a Walleye Surfperch

How to Catch a Walleye SurfperchThe walleye surfperch is a saltwater fish that ranges primarily along the West Coast in North America. As the name suggests, walleye surfperch are caught most successfully by surf fishing and jigging from piers with fresh cut bait. Most weigh less than half a pound, but walleye surfperch are easy to catch and offer good sport for the novice saltwater angler, who just has to wade into the waves to catch the fish.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Medium-duty surfcasting rod and reel spooled with 15-pound line
  • Saltwater tackle, including leaders, 8/0 snelled hooks, pyramid sinkers
  • Cut bait, especially anchovies
  • California fishing license
Step 1
Tie a bottom rig set for two hooks to your main line.
Step 2
Attach a snelled hook (pre-tied with line) to each of the two wires on the bottom rig and connect a 1 oz. pyramid sinker to the bottom snap of the rig. The pyramid sinker holds your rig to the sandy bottom in the turbulent surf.
Step 3
Bait each hook with a 1-inch strip of fresh anchovy so that at least half of the strip dangles freely. There is no need to conceal the barb of the hook. Squid strips and small pieces of cut shrimp will work in a pinch, but walleye surfperch prefer anchovies.
Step 4
From a pier or in the surf, cast your line directly behind the breaking waves where baitfish congregate and walleye surfperch move in to eat them. Don't cast directly into or in front of a wave.
Step 5
Allow the rig to sink. Walleye surfperch are bottom feeders.
Step 6
Retrieve the bait at a steady speed, pausing every five to 10 seconds to twitch your rod tip.

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