How to Rail Slide on Skis

How to Rail Slide on Skis
Once you are comfortable skiing down mountain trails, you are at the point where you can learn tricks on the skis. To do these tricks, you need to be well-fitted in your equipment, as well as very comfortable with your ability on skis. One of the easiest tricks to start with is a rail slide with skis. The key is to gain enough speed to jump onto the rail and land on it at the correct angle to ensure you don't fall.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Helmet
  • Protector pads
Step 1
Practice standing in place jumping up to the height of the rail in your skis. Begin far enough back on the mountain to gain enough speed to jump up to the height of the rail. Ski straight at the rail.
Step 2
Bend your knees even more once you are about six feet from the end of the rail. As you approach it, jump up, pulling your feet in your skis to a 90-degree angle to one side (usually your dominant side). Land on the rail so that the rail hits at the middle of the bottom of your skis to evenly distribute your weight.
Step 3
Stay with your knees bent as you slide down the rail, keeping your balance as much as possible. Apply pressure to your front foot, and make sure your upper body and hips are perpendicular to your knees, with your feet shoulder-width apart. For added balance, stretch out your arms in front of you, pointing towards the ground.
Step 4
Keep your eyes on the end of the rail, and as you approach it slide off, turning your skis back towards the front from the 90-degree angle. Crouch down as you land in the snow for added balance.
Step 5
Start on smaller rails, then progress to ones that are taller or longer as you become more comfortable. Have patience as it will take practice and time.

Article Written By Lauren Wise

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