How to Replace an RV Refrigerator

How to Replace an RV Refrigerator
An RV refrigerator is different from a standard home refrigerator and requires specific maintenance and removal instructions. While the process is not difficult, you want to make sure you perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting checks so you don't have to replace your RV refrigerator before it's time. After all, you want the convenience of chilling foods and beverages on a camping trip without the use of a cooler. Keep your refrigerator in good condition and you'll be able to do just that.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Screwdriver
Step 1
Shut down the refrigerator completely. Disconnect the propane line on the refrigerator, unplug the battery and disconnect the 12 volt wiring.
Step 2
Use a screwdriver to remove the refrigerator door. Open the refrigerator door to access the two screws in the cabinet floor and the mounting screws located on the front of the refrigerator. Remove the door. Pull the silicone fastened to the refrigerator from under the cabinet.
Step 3
Grip the refrigerator from the sides and slowly ease it out.
Step 4
Guide the new refrigerator into place. Reinstall the mounting screws into the front of the refrigerator and the cabinet screws into the cabinet floor.
Step 5
Plug in the refrigerator, reconnect the 12 volt wiring and reinstall the propane line. Turn on the propane tank, but let the refrigerator remain off for 30 minutes before proceeding to Step 6.
Step 6
Turn on the power and reconnect the battery. Turn the refrigerator on and use as normal.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the burner assembly free of dirt and debris to optimize cooling in the refrigerator.
The burner assembly is housed in a compartment located on the exterior side of the RV and is part of the cooling unit, which is responsible for the temperature inside your refrigerator.
Never over-pack a refrigerator. Proper air circulation is necessary to maintain low temperatures inside the unit.

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