Do it Yourself: RV Refrigeration Repair

Do it Yourself: RV Refrigeration Repair
An RV refrigerator is different from a standard home or commercial refrigerator. It absorbs heat to cool your food and maintain lower temperatures. Without mechanical parts, an RV refrigerator operates by way of a cooling system, which is accessible from the exterior of the RV. It is important that you keep the cooling unit vented and clean and at all times to ensure proper functioning. Most RV refrigerator repair work is done to the burner assembly, which is a part of the cooling unit.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Eye protection
  • Screwdriver
  • Air pump
Step 1
Unscrew the door to the side compartment located on the exterior of your RV. Using a screwdriver, remove the two screws located on the top left and top right corners of the compartment door.
Step 2
Unplug the power cord, which you can find on the lower left side of the compartment. Turn the gas nozzle into a vertical position to shut it off.
Step 3
Clean the burner assembly, which is the most common cause of improper cooling. Using a screwdriver, remove the 1/4-inch screw that fastens the burner assembly into place. Slide the box out to your right.
Step 4
Gently tap the overhead unit to release any dirt, dust or debris. Using an air pump, spray the burner assembly until it is clean. Slide the box back over and reinstall the screw.
Step 5
Turn the power and gas back on. Close the compartment door. Reinsert the two screws to fasten into place.

Tips & Warnings

It is best to never over pack your refrigerator. Proper air circulation is needed to cool your food and maintain low temperatures.
If you smell ammonia leaking from your cooling unit, turn off the power and gas and contact an electrician immediately.

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