How to Use the Humminbird Depth Finder

How to Use the Humminbird Depth Finder
A Humminbird depth finder is a gauge that uses sound wave signals to determine distance. As the unit's transducer receives signals, it converts data to a depth shown digitally on the display. This depth reading is continuously updated as your boat travels across the water to aid you in finding your ideal fishing spot. Using the depth finder is simple and only takes a few steps.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Boat
  • Installed Humminbird depth sounder
Step 1
Turn your boat's ignition to start the Humminbird depth finder. The device wires to the the ignition switch so that it turns on automatically but if it is wired to a different switch than the ignition, turn that switch on instead.
Step 2
Read the display, as the device will automatically indicate the depth of the water beneath your boat digitally.
Step 3
Move your boat while observing the water depth on the display. The depth reading is continuously updated as your boat travels across the water. Note that actual depth reading capability depends on factors such as water conditions, bottom hardness and transducer installation. Typically, units will read to deeper depths in freshwater than in saltwater.
Step 4
Change the settings depending on your desired depth. You can activate either a shallow or deep alarm by pressing the set and arrow buttons on the front of your device.

Tips & Warnings

Use the unit's control function to select your preferred units of measure for depth readout and alarm functions. Feet, meters or fathoms settings are available.
If your depth finder unit comes into contact with saltwater, wipe the affected surfaces with a cloth dampened in fresh water.
Do not use a chemical glass cleaner on the lens, as solution chemicals may damage it.
When cleaning the LCD protective lens, use a nonabrasive, mild cleaner.

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