How to Install a Convection Oven in an RV

How to Install a Convection Oven in an RV
A convection oven can make life on the road easier. You can cook most foods in less time and with an even distribution of heat. From cakes to pizza and vegetables, you can bake and warm most foods using a few easy-to-use settings. The installation process is moderately challenging and some precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of electric shock. The project can be done in less than an hour. Once the convection oven is installed, you can bake a dish that would normally require an hour in the oven in about 15 minutes.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step 1
Shut off the electric power by turning off the circuit breaker.
Step 2
Connect the wiring to the electrical box. Convection ovens are not compatible with standard plugs, so you must hard-wire the convection oven to a proper junction box in order for it to function properly. Depending on the convection oven you have, you may see a 40-foot-long 10-3 M.C. cable that extends from the panel to feed power to the oven. The junction box is located in the rear, lower section of the convection oven. It also can appear as an insulated cord with uncapped wires protruding out. Splice the cable to the wire ends of the oven inside that junction box (or the junction box that is installed in the wall).
Step 3
Open the oven door and brace both of your hands against the top of the opening to gain support of the oven. Lift the oven with both hands and slide it into the cabinet opening.
Step 4
Screw the convection oven to the cabinet. Follow the placement of the mounting holes inside the oven to determine the placement of the oven inside the cabinet. Screw placement is typically ¼ inch from the front cutout. Check that the oven is level. Screw all outside trim pieces into place. (Screws are typically provided by the manufacturer.)
Step 5
Turn the power back on.

Tips & Warnings

Generally, you only need to reduce the convection oven temperature by 50 degrees to bake as you normally would. Air is channeled to reach each rack evenly in a convection oven.
Most convection ovens require a 4-inch clearance for the top, sides and back.
Contact an electrician for repairs and installation questions.
Make sure all power is turned off to prevent electric shock.

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