How to Light a Coleman Camp Stove

How to Light a Coleman Camp StoveColeman builds a variety of stoves for campers, from the large multi-burner stoves that only an RV or tailgate camper would use to lightweight backpacker stoves. The fuel sources range from propane to jet fuel, and many stoves are meant to use more than one type of fuel. Despite this large range of stove types, lighting a Coleman stove remains a simple matter.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Matches
Step 1
Check to make sure your fuel source is properly connected to the burner. In some cases, this is a liquid fuel tank that is permanently attached, therefore checking the connection is unnecessary. However, screw-in bottles and separate tanks connected by a hose do need to be checked. Make sure the valve is firmly attached.
Step 2
Check the stove for an automatic igniter. Some models have a push-button electric lighter, but if yours does not you will need matches.
Step 3
Open the tank valve, if necessary. Some of the big, multi-burner stoves have both a valve at the fuel tank and a set of control valves at the stove, much like a backyard barbecue grill. This will usually be a wheel-shaped spigot valve on the tank itself.
Step 4
Turn the burner valve on, and set it to a medium-high setting.
Step 5
Light a match and put it in the fuel stream, or push the starter button.

Tips & Warnings

If the stove has problems lighting or staying alight, there could be any number of causes. There might be a leak in the fuel hose (if there is a fuel hose), one of the valves might be clogged, or the fuel tank might be low. If you have problems lighting your stove or keeping your stove lit, close all valves and check out your equipment.

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