How to Customize RV Trailers

How to Customize RV Trailers
RV trailers are no longer an "as is" vehicle. Now RV owners can customize the interior space, upgrade appliances and replace the plumbing system based on specific needs and preferences. You can make these changes on your own, hire a professional or visit a RV agent that specializes in RV customizations. With so many options, you can create a space that is comfortable for you and your passengers, including those with a disability.


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Step 1
Customize the RV for disabled passengers by adding ramps and wheelchair lifts.
Step 2
Upgrade the reception of your standard issue satellite dish. As of 2010, the two satellite choices for RV campers are Starband and HughesNet (formerly Direcway). Opt for automatic mount and tripod or manually pointed mount. Choose a satellite controller that communicates directly with a modem satellite reception for RV Internet service.
Step 3
Upgrade appliances. For example, add coil fans to a refrigerator or change the piping in the plumbing system. For a more extensive upgrade, replace your RV trailer's cook top with a convection oven and induction cook top. An induction unit requires less electricity and increases the value of your RV trailer.
Step 4
Switch to a waterless toilet. Install a system that allows you to minimize water consumption. As of 2010, system choices include composting models and incinerating models. Both of which eliminate the need for a black water holding tank.
Step 5
Add cosmetic touches such as replacing cabinet drawer pulls and knobs with custom hardware. You can also replace plastic slides and low quality hinges with metal ones.

Tips & Warnings

Add a generator so you have electricity in remote areas.
Retrofit heating units for more suitable domiciles during winter months.
Check the weight capacity of your RV trailer to ensure it can handle the weight of the new customized facilities, appliances and fixtures.

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