How to Rig a Tip-Up for Walleye

How to Rig a Tip-Up for Walleye
The walleye is a species of perch that is among the best-tasting freshwater fish. It is no wonder that anglers will venture out onto the ice after them. Those who do often use tip-ups to increase their chances of catching more walleye.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Rig a Tip-Up for Walleye

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ice fishing tip-ups
  • 30-pound-test braided Dacron line
  • Barrel swivels
  • 5 feet of 10-pound-test fluorocarbon fishing line
  • No. 6 hook
  • Split-shot sinkers
  • Shiners
Step 1
Spool your tip-up's reel with 75 to 100 yards of 30-pound-test braided Dacron ice fishing line.
Step 2
Tie a barrel swivel to your line using a uni-knot (see animated knot site below).
Step 3
Attach a 5-foot length of 10-pound-test fluorocarbon fishing line to your barrel swivel. This line will act as a leader. Fluorocarbon makes the best leaders since it cannot be seen when submerged in the water.
Step 4
Use a uni-knot to tie a No. 6 hook to your fluorocarbon leader. Affix a heavy split-shot about 18 inches above the hook. This will keep your bait from swimming out of the depth zone in which you are fishing.
Step 5
Hook your bait and place the tip-up in a hole drilled in the ice. Use medium shiners or suckers and hook them right behind their top fin.


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