How to Hook a Minnow?

How to Hook a Minnow?
Minnows make great bait because they are eaten by several species of freshwater fish, including bass, crappie, pike and perch. Properly hooking the minnow assures it remains alive and attracts your catch.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • Minnows
  • Sharp hook
Step 1
Hold the minnow firmly between your thumb and first two fingers.
Step 2
Take your hook with your other hand and hold it on the shaft just below the eye. This enables you to control where you are going to pierce the minnow with the point.
Step 3
Pierce the minnow with the hook's point through the soft spot just behind the minnow's dorsal (top) fin, about halfway between the top and bottom of the fish. If you feel much resistance, stop and choose a spot a little lower.
Step 4
Avoid damaging the minnow's spine with the hook or you will cripple it and it will not be able to swim on the hook. If you bait it correctly, the minnow should be moving as it is lowered into the water.
Step 5
Cast your baited line into the water carefully. If you overdo it, you risk tearing your minnow from the hook.

Tips & Warnings

Minnows hooked behind the dorsal fin can be fished through the ice on tip-ups and jigging rods. They can also be fished during warmer weather underneath fishing floats.
If you are fishing downstream or in a river or brook, you can hook the minnows through both lips.

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