How to Adjust an Abu Garcia Reel

How to Adjust an Abu Garcia Reel
Abu Garcia fishing reels provide quality casting and retrieval of fishing lines using a mounted spool. When using this reel, you may want to set your own adjustments for your own fishing tactics and preferences. Adjusting an Abu Garcia fishing reel only takes a few steps.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Turn the knob on the top of your Abu Garcia reel clockwise. This will increase tension on your fishing line and adjust the drag setting.
Step 2
Loosen the threaded nut on the opposite side of the fishing reel and adjust the reel handle according to your liking. Tighten the knob when you are finished adjusting.
Step 3
Partly unscrew both sides of the wire bail to loosen it. Adjust the reel bail to your preference and screw it all the way back into the locked position.
Step 4
To adjust and lock the spool into retrieval mode, slide the switch that is located on the back end of your reel forward. This lets the spool rotate in a clockwise direction only.
Step 5
Slide the switch downward to let the spool rotate freely.

Tips & Warnings

When adjusting your fishing reel's drag, the rule of thumb is to set it 20 percent to 25 percent of your line's rated breaking strength.
Set the drag tight enough but not too tight as the line might break under stress.

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