The Best Way to Charge RV Batteries With a Generator

The Best Way to Charge RV Batteries With a Generator
A generator charges the house batteries of an RV, but at a slower rate than a battery charger. The process is moderately easy but requires some knowledge of the type and size battery you need to charge. The best time to charge RV batteries is prior to a camping trip, especially if your excursion will take place in a remote area. You don't want to find out too late that your RV battery is down to less than a 50 percent charge and the generator is having a hard time recharging it fully.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Unplug appliances including air conditioners, microwave ovens, toasters, TVs, stereos and ice makers, which drain power when plugged into an electrical outlet. Reduce the number of 12-volt lights running during the recharge cycle to minimize power sharing.
Step 2
Make sure the generator is plugged in to an A/C outlet.
Step 3
Determine the power requirement for your RV battery. Factors such as battery size, converter output rating, amps and battery discharge level determine the power requirement for an RV battery. For example, a 100A battery charger with a battery bank size of 600 and an 80 percent discharge level requires approximately 1.8 hours of power to fully charge. That number increases drastically if the discharge level drops to 20 percent, in which case the battery requirement is approximately 7.8 hours.

Tips & Warnings

Recharge the RV battery routinely to extend its lifespan.
Never allow your RV batteries to drop lower than 20 percent.

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