How to Tie Leaded Fishing Line to a Leader

How to Tie Leaded Fishing Line to a Leader
Spooling out lead-core essentially means casting a segmented line so you can more easily identify the various lengths along your line. The lead-core line fits between two lengths of monofilament line and makes it easy for you to monitor lure speed and pinpoint at what depth a lure is fishing. You can fish shallow (approximately 10 to 15 feet) and deep waters using the lead core technique, which is also known as "segmented lead core."


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Lead core
  • Monofilament line
  • Fishing line cutter
Step 1
Open the braided outer shell of the lead core line.
Step 2
Cut away 6 inches of the line's lead wire core.
Step 3
Pass the tag end of a monofilament line inside the braided outer shell of the lead-core line. Push the monofilament line forward until it joins with the lead core.
Step 4
Secure the monofilament core and braided outer shell together. Tie three overhand knots along the newly joined 6 inches of line.
Step 5
Close up the knot. Cut uneven and loose strands.

Tips & Warnings

Lead-core line stems make it easy for you to fish a lure deep.
Don't let out too much line. You don't want your lead-core line flapping along the bottom.

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