How to Sharpen a Pocketknife

How to Sharpen a Pocketknife
A dull blade can be dangerous because the user must apply more force to get the same cutting action. It is common for pocket-knife owners to rarely or never sharpen the blades on their small pocket knives. Small pocket knives often have weak blade locks, so applying excessive force for normal cutting action often makes the knives more unstable and difficult to use safely.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Whetstone or sandstone Lubricating oil
  • Whetstone or sandstone
  • Lubricating oil
Step 1
Fold out the pocket knife's blade to its maximum extension.
Step 2
Lubricate the top of the whetstone with a few drops of common household oil. If no whetstone is available, a flat piece of sandstone can be used. If no household oil is available, any machine-lubricating oil such as motor oil can be used.
Step 3
Hold the blade against the stone so it faces away from you and is at a 10-degree angle to the stone's surface.
Step 4
Push the knife down the length of the stone. Do this gently--many pocket knives have weak locks and the knife might slip if it is pushed with force. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
Step 5
Flip the knife over. Now the blade is facing you. Hold it at a 10-degree angle again and drag it down the length of the stone about half the number of times you pushed it in Step 4.
Step 6
Wipe away any excess oil that is on the blade and fold it back into the knife casing.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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