How to Build a Ski Waxing Profile

How to Build a Ski Waxing Profile
Experienced skiers know that keeping your skis tuned and your bases waxed is the key to ski performance. Serious skiers will likely invest in a ski tuning bench, complete with a clamp system that can be used to hold a wide variety of skis, as well as snowboards. These clamps can quickly be adjusted, making them excellent skiers with a large quiver, and hold the skis better for serious edge work. However, for light edge work, and to save money, you can build a profile to hold your skis and wax them.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • One two-by-six
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Two one-by-twos
  • Wood screws
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Ski
  • Long piece of cardboard and pen
  • C-clamps and workbench
Step 1
Flip your ski upside down and place it on the piece of cardboard. Trace the pattern of your ski on the cardboard, including the area where the binding is.
Step 2
Trace the pattern from the cardboard onto the two-by-six. Cut the pattern into the two-by-six with the saw.
Step 3
Cut the two-by-six at the low point of either end in the middle, so that you have two blocks that match the tip and tail of your ski.
Step 4
Sand the wood smooth. Stain it if you wish.
Step 5
Place the two blocks on the one-by-twos, and put your ski on top of the blocks, base facing upward. Adjust the blocks in position so that they support the tip and tail, with the curve of the wood matching that of the ski. Remove the ski.
Step 6
Screw the blocks of each end onto the one-by-two.
Step 7
Place the ski back on the blocks, which are now secured to the one-by-two. Take the other one-by-two and hold it vertically against the first one-by-two at the area of the toe of the ski binding. Trace two blocks on the one-by-two that will go from the base of the first one-by-two to the binding on the ski; the blocks should be about as wide as the front of the rear piece of the binding to the front of the toe piece.
Step 8
Cut the one-by-two to the two blocks that are traced and screw the blocks in place on the main one-by-two at the vicinity of the toe of the binding.
Step 9
Drill a hole through one of the one-by-twos that forms the clamp for the ski. Hammer a nail through the hole into the one-by-two on the other side so that the nail goes under the toe of the binding and holds it in place on the profile.
Step 10
Clamp the profile onto a workbench with the C-clamps.

Tips & Warnings

If you want to make the profile work for multiple pairs of skis, size the blocks for the smaller length of the skis you have. Use a piece of cord to wrap around the nail and hold the binding in place, if it does not line up with the nail in the clamp.

Article Written By Candace Horgan

Candace Horgan has worked as a freelance journalist for more than 12 years. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications, including the "Denver Post" and "Mix." Horgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and history.

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