How to Use a Switch on a Baitcast Reel

How to Use a Switch on a Baitcast Reel
A bait-casting reel is fishing gear designed to cast bigger baits for longer distances. Typically, a bait-cast reel includes features like a level-wind mechanism, anti-reverse handles, drags and flipping switches to aid in catching fish. Learning how to use the switch on a bait-cast reel is a simple process and can be done in a just a few steps.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Start fishing with the bait-cast reel by lowering the line into the water.
Step 2
Flip the switch once the bait is where you want it to be. The switch will engage tension to prevent your bait from moving away but will enable the game fish to unspool your reel.
Step 3
Flip the switch again as soon as a game fish latches on your line to stop the clicking noise.
Step 4
Push the lever or bail to the engaged position to stop the reel from spooling out rapidly. The reel will continue to spool but this time it will have some resistance to work against the game fish.
Step 5
Reel in your catch.

Tips & Warnings

As a technique, you can a set the amount of line you need and pull it out of the reel early on so you can swing the bait in a pendulum-like manner.

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