How to Set up a Magellan Outdoor Bryce Canyon Cabin Tent

How to Set up a Magellan Outdoor Bryce Canyon Cabin Tent
The Magellan Outdoors Bryce Canyon tent is a massive summer-cabin-style camping tent that has three rooms sleeping more than 10 people. Once you find a flat spot large enough, you can begin setting the tent up.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent
  • Fly
  • Poles
  • Corner Plastic Molds (included with tent)
  • Stakes
  • Hammer
Step 1
Spread the tent out over a flat area with no sharp objects sticking up that could puncture the tent floor. Assemble all of the poles and set them next to the tent so that you can distinguish between the leg poles and roof poles (steel leg poles are color-coded red and blue).
Step 2
Stake down the front of the tent by pounding stakes through the stake holes located on each side of the door. Push the center steel pole, which is the largest steel pole, through the center pole sleeve.
Step 3
Slide one of the fiberglass roof poles through the pole sleeve on one side of the tent. Repeat with the other fiberglass roof pole on the opposite side of the tent. With the poles through the tent sleeve, connect the corner plastic molds to each end of the fiberglass poles.
Step 4
Insert the two red-coded steel poles into the two ends of the center steel pole. Insert the four blue-coded side poles into the corner plastic molds at the end of the fiberglass poles.
Step 5
Lift the red coded side poles up to stretch the material of the tent and add tension. Repeat with the blue-coded side poles, one side at a time, and the tent should be free-standing.
Step 6
Stake down the rest of the tent by pounding stakes into the stake holes located along the base of the tent. Make sure to pull the tent tight when staking to take out any slack.
Step 7
Spread out the rain fly and locate the front, which is where the Magellan Outdoors logo is located. Then place the fly over the top of the tent with the front of the fly even with the front door of the tent.
Step 8
Attach the hooks located on the fly to the steel leg poles. Wrap the Velcro pieces located on the fly around the steel leg poles to secure the fly to the tent. Finally, use the remaining stakes to secure the fly.

Tips & Warnings

If the ground it too hard to pound stakes into, use rocks or other heavy objects in place of stakes to secure the tent.
Avoid setting your tent up under trees or powerlines.

Article Written By Tyler Nall

Tyler Nall is a forestry technician and outdoor enthusiast. He received his Bachelor of Science at the University of Oregon with majors in psychology and sociology. Nall started writing professionally in 2004 and currently writes for various websites.

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