How to Install a Bike Rack on a Minivan

How to Install a Bike Rack on a Minivan
Automobile-mounted bicycle racks provide cyclists with a secure tool for transporting one or multiple bicycles. Bike racks designed specifically for a minivan are different from traditional car bike racks because of how the bike rack is mounted and where the security straps are placed. The installation process is moderately easy, and tools are not necessary. The greatest difficulty is pulling the security straps tight enough to hold the bike rack in place.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Open the bike rack so it is fully extended. You may need to pull the tubes of the bike rack open so it locks into an open position.
Step 2
Position the bike tubes (front and rear) against the back glass of your minivan. Position the front and rear arms of the bike rack so they are parallel to the ground and facing away from your vehicle.
Step 3
Secure the bike rack. Pass the two rear bike straps from the bike rack up to the hinge of the trunk. Hook the straps using the two clips between the lip of the trunk and the bottom edge of the minivan. Allow the trunk door to catch the straps between the lip of the trunk and the frame. Pull the straps to tighten. A snug fit is necessary to secure the bike rack in place.
Step 4
Fasten the last two straps by hooking them inside the bottom edge of your trunk door. Pull the straps until they are taut.

Tips & Warnings

The rack must sit upright and away from the vehicle.
Not all bike racks are manufactured the same, so always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before installing a new bike rack to a minivan.

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