How to Fish Silver Salmon in Dirty Water Conditions

How to Fish Silver Salmon in Dirty Water ConditionsDirty water conditions can complicate fishing for silver or coho salmon. Silty bottoms, runoff from rain and other factors can make it hard for fishermen to spot salmon and for salmon to spot the bait. A resourceful angler will have to take extra measures to get his bait noticed.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod
  • Tackle
  • Bait
  • Boat
Step 1
Cast or troll large silver spoons, spinners and other rigs that make a lot of noise and flash. The salmon will have an easier time finding these sorts of rigs in dirty water.
Step 2
Use a rapid retrieve or trolling speed for coho with a lot of stops and starts to get their attention with direction changes. Coho are aggressive feeders and are more likely to notice your lure in muddy water if you make a lot of motion.
Step 3
Anchor or drift over a hole and bait a salmon egg loop rig with cured salmon roe. Add a sinker to pull it to the bottom and cast. The scent will draw the coho salmon and attract bites in spite of the muddy water.
Step 4
Attach a small silver blade with a piece of Kevlar to a sink tip for fly fishing coho salmon. According to the Orvis Salmon Resource Center, the silver blade will help the salmon see the fly if the water is dirty.
Step 5
Bucktail your fly across the water to attract the salmon. Silver salmon are susceptible to this method, according to, because they are quite aggressive feeders. By bringing the fly closer and creating disturbance in the water, this will help the salmon track the fly through dirty water conditions.

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