How to Install a Bell Bike Rack

How to Install a Bell Bike RackA Bell bike rack offers cyclists a safe and moderately easy way to transport a bicycle. By following a few simple instructions, you can mount your bicycle to a Bell bike rack and carry it to your destination without worry that it will damage the trunk of your car. Bell bike racks are attached at the lip and bottom edge of your trunk lid to protect your vehicle and offer stability as you travel over rough terrain.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Stand the Bell bike rack upright so the tubes with black foam pads are on the bottom. Pull the tubes apart to open your Bell bike rack.
Step 2
Hold the arm with the shortest length against the trunk of your car. This is the rear arm.
Step 3
Hold the front arm against the bumper of your car so that the bike holders face away from your car.
Step 4
Open your trunk.
Step 5
Insert the two rear bike straps between the trunk lid and the frame of your car. Secure the straps with the two clips attached at the end of the straps. Close the trunk over the straps and then tighten to secure.
Step 6
Fasten the last two straps by hooking each clip to the bottom of your trunk lid.
Step 7
Close your trunk.
Step 8
Pull each strap until it is snug and the Bell bike rack is parallel to the ground.

Tips & Warnings

Rest one tube on the top of the trunk and the other on the side of the trunk for a sedan-model vehicle.
Rest both tubes on the back glass of the trunk's door for a lift-back window (minivan) or SUV. Open the two arms of the bike rack and position them away from your vehicle.
Pull each strap after traveling over especially rocky or rough terrain to eliminate any slack that may have built over the course of your trip.


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