How to Use a Brunton Compass

How to Use a Brunton CompassThe Brunton compass differs from most other compass designs only in how it prevents needle oscillation. The design uses magnetic induction damping instead of putting the needle in a capsule of fluid. Otherwise it is similar enough to a conventional compass that its operation should seem familiar to an experienced cross-country hiker.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Use the mini-level in the middle of the compass to establish a level holding position. When the bubble is lined up between the brackets, you have the compass in a reasonably level position.
Step 2
Adjust the mirror's position, if necessary, so that you can see the compass needle and markings in the reflection.
Step 3
Peer through the front and rear sight at a landmark that can be identified on your topographical map. Being able to see through the front and rear sight will keep the compass properly aligned.
Step 4
Check the bearing using the mirror to directly observe the compass readings.

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