How to Repair an RV Holding Tank Leak

How to Repair an RV Holding Tank Leak
Pressure placed on a holding tank can cause surface cracks that lead to water leakage. In most cases, you can quickly repair a leak with repair putty. The process is relatively easy, but you must cover the area around the leak completely and follow the manufacturer's directions. Once the leak is mended, you can use your holding tank as normal.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Use a cleaning fluid to clean the area around the leak. Dry when done.
Step 2
Sand the area around the leak until it is dull. Sweep the palm of your hand across the surface of the holding tank to determine if it is smooth. Continue to sand if it is not.
Step 3
Use a putty epoxy such as WaterWeld. Depending on the size of the leak in your holding tank, cut off a portion of the epoxy stick and knead the two layers together as directed. The putty is very pliable and will fuse into one color after it has been kneaded properly.
Step 4
Use a putty knife or spatula to press the putty into the leak and spread it across the area surrounding the hole or crack.
Step 5
Allow several minutes for the epoxy to harden and about six hours for it to cure.

Tips & Warnings

A small crack may be indicative of a larger problem.
Allow the epoxy to completely dry.
Sealing a crack in a holding tank will not prevent future leaks.

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