Adjustment Instructions for Bicycle Pumps

Adjustment Instructions for Bicycle Pumps
Bike pumps make it easy for cyclists to add air to a deflated or under-inflated tire. Because bike pumps feature a pressure hose, you can quickly add air and be back on the road in no time. Only a few simple adjustments may be necessary. For the most part, you'll want to make sure the hose is straight so the air has a straight route to travel from the pump to your bike tire. Before you add air to your tires, be sure to check how much air is recommended.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Remove the valve cap from the inner tube on your bicycle.
Step 2
Adjust the pump head lever so it is set to the unlocked position. The pump head lever must be parallel with the pump hose.
Step 3
Select the Schrader valve, which is the largest valve on the pump, next to the Presta/French valve.
Step 4
Adjust the pump head so it sits snugly over the valve. The pump head contains a plunger that forces air through the pump and into your tires.
Step 5
Adjust the hose so it is straight. Pump the handle up and down with both hands.
Step 6
Continue to fill the tube with air until you reach the PSI (pounds per square inch) recommended for the tires on your bicycle. Remove the pump's nozzle from the tire when you are done.

Tips & Warnings

If your bicycle comes with a pressure gauge, use it to determine how much pressure is in your bike tires.
For smooth operation, always make sure the hose on your bike pump is not twisted, bent or trapped under another object. Also make sure you're not stepping on it.

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