How to Put a Plastic Worm on a Hook

How to Put a Plastic Worm on a Hook
The uninitiated angler may think that there's no special way to put a plastic worm on a hook. However, "Texas rigging" a plastic worm allows you to reel it through weeds and brush without worrying that the hook will become snagged on vegetation. This in turn allows you to fish in dense cover---spots where fish are waiting to ambush prey.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Offset worm hook Plastic worm
  • Offset worm hook
  • Plastic worm
Step 1
Identify the thickest end of the plastic worm. A typical plastic worm has a much thicker front end that tapers off to a tail.
Step 2
Grip the worm firmly and let it dangle. Drive the point of your offset worm hook through the very top of the worm.
Step 3
Make the point come out a half-inch down from where it entered. Push the worm over the shank of your hook and over the offset portion.
Step 4
Rotate the offset worm hook 180 degrees so that the point is now facing the worm's dangling body.
Step 5
Stick your hook into the worm's body, but do not drive it completely through the worm. By leaving the hook within the plastic worm you have managed to make it "weedless." You will be able to fish the worm in dense cover without it snagging on weeds.

Tips & Warnings

A plastic worm rigged in this manner can be fished with a bullet sinker---slip the sinker onto the line right in front of where the worm hook is tied.

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