How to Gut a Fish

How to Gut a Fish
One of the more satisfying parts of recreational fishing is putting the day's catch on the dinner table. Whether it be at a campsite or the kitchen, the first step in preparing a freshly caught fish is gutting or cleaning it.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Clean, stable surface
  • Sharp knife
  • Bottle (camp only)
  • Scissors (optional)
Step 1
Choose a clean site for gutting the fish. If you are not doing this on a kitchen countertop or camp table, improvise: Spread out some newspaper or cardboard on the hood of a car, or wash off the top of a relatively flat, stable rock.
Step 2
Grip the tail and the run a knife from the tail to the gills, alongside the body. This will strip the worst of the scales off. Flip the fish and repeat on the other side.
Step 3
Insert the knife into the belly near the tail and cut it open to the gills.
Step 4
Pull or cut the guts out.
Step 5
Rinse out the inside of the fish. If you're doing this at a camp site, you will need a bottle of water to pour into the fish.
Step 6
Cut away the fins with either the knife or a pair of scissors.
Step 7
Cut off the head from behind the gills.
Step 8
Look for and remove any remaining cartilage in the belly, using either the knife tip or your fingers.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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