How to Camp With Gas Cooking

How to Camp With Gas CookingCooking with a campfire has certain charms, but convenience certainly is not one of them. Furthermore, it is common for campgrounds to tightly regulate where a fire can be built, and sometimes open fires or pit fires are barred altogether. For these reasons, it's a good idea for an avid camper to own a camp stove, and gas stoves are both inexpensive and easy to use.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Gas camping stove
  • Matches
Step 1
Select and prepare a site for your stove. Unless you are climbing Mount Everest or in some other inhospitable place, never set up your gas stove inside a tent. Select a stable, level area, and make sure the immediate area is clear of leaves, twigs, and other flammable debris.
Step 2
Turn the regulator switch to off.
Step 3
Put in a fresh gas tank, if necessary. Portable gas stoves come in two basic designs: flat and tower. In the flat variety, slip the tank into the designated compartment in the way you'd slide batteries into an electronic device. Close the compartment, which punctures the tank for use. Attach a tank to a tower stove either by screwing it directly to the tower, or by placing the tank into a base tube, which you then screw onto the tower.
Step 4
Switch the valve regulator to the on position.
Step 5
Light the gas flowing out of the burner with a match. Some of these stoves have push-button starters and don't require matches.
Step 6
Cook on the burner as you would on a normal burner in your kitchen at home. Adjust the heat using the regulator knob.
Step 7
Deactivate the burner when you are finished by returning the regulator knob to the off position.

Tips & Warnings

In both flat and tower stoves, the tank is usually punctured during installation, so removing it breaks the seal. Do not do this until the tank is empty.

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