How to Install a Bicycle Seat

How to Install a Bicycle Seat
Installing a bicycle seat is one of the most simple procedures that you can do on a bike. Don't think that you have to pay a shop to perform this simple task; purchase the seat that is right for you and replace that uncomfortable stock seat in minutes.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Allen wrench (try a 5 mm, but size varies by bike)
  • Allen wrench (try a 5 mm, but size varies by bike)
Step 1
Loosen the clamp. You can find the clamp at the top of the seat post underneath the seat. It will be holding the current seat in place by the rails. It should have one or two separate Allen bolts holding it shut.
Step 2
Loosen each bolt by turning it counterclockwise with an appropriate Allen wrench. If you're not sure what size wrench to use, bring a set and try each one until you've found the size that fits.
Step 3
For a one-bolt clamp, loosen it until you can spin the top of the clamp. Spin it 90 degrees and you'll be able to remove the seat. For a two-bolt clamp, unscrew both sides and slide the seat rails completely out of the clamp.
Step 4
Insert the rails of your new seat into the grooves on the bottom of the seat post clamp. Adjust the top of the clamp onto the rails and tighten the Allen bolts slightly so that the hardware is in place.
Step 5
Set your seat position. This is accomplished by sliding the seat rails closer or farther from the front of the bike to provide a comfortable seating position. If you're not sure about the exact correct position, it's easy to go back and adjust it so don't be too concerned at the moment.
Step 6
Adjust the tilt of the seat by angling it up or down. Again, this is easy to adjust so don't spend too much time fretting over the angle.
Step 7
Tighten the bolts. On a two-bolt seat, tighten one bolt half way, then the other bolt half way and then finish each bolt. Alternating will provide an even seating of the bolts and clamp hardware.

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