How to Buy Fathead Minnows

How to Buy Fathead Minnows
Fatheads prefer mid-water and lower-depth streams, lakes and ponds. They are identified by a rounded snout, short rounded fins and a darkening along the mid-line of the back. Fatheads can thrive in high temperatures and low oxygen levels, but schools typically flourish in any stream or water resource where little competition is present. Anglers purchase minnows from a variety of sources and use the fish as bait to attract large fish such as catfish, bass and bluegills.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Visit a local feed and grain store. Fathead minnows are also available through bait dealers, fish farmer markets and commercial fish hatcheries.
Step 2
Request a discount when purchasing in bulk. Injured minnows may be sold at a discounted rate, but fish that are injured rarely thrive after a change in environment. Instead, request a free dozen for every 10 dozen that you purchase.
Step 3
Transport the minnows in a bait bucket. Attach an aerator to keep the water oxygenated. Avoid spillage with an interior that lifts out of a larger bucket.
Step 4
Maintain the same water temperature as the storage tank. Use a thermometer to check that the water temperature is consistent with the holding water. Keep the water temperature constant throughout the day.
Step 5
Attach a bubbler to the inside of the holding bucket. Bubblers create turbulence and current, which minimize stress and may help minnows thrive longer.

Tips & Warnings

Contact the conservation department in your state for a list of commercial fish hatcheries offering fathead minnows in your area.
Shop around for the best price. Online bait shops offer discounts and competitive pricing.

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