How to Make a Kerosene Lamp

How to Make a Kerosene Lamp
If you're out camping in the woods, and you don't want to be tethered by a stationary fire pit, consider fabricating your own kerosene lantern. A lamp can provide you with a reliable source of light that is easily transported, easy to maintain, and much safer than a bonfire. If you have do-it-yourself skills, you can build one without difficulty.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cork
  • 1-inch-thick rope wick, 6 inches long
  • Steel washer with 6/8-inch center hole
  • 6/8-inch drill bit
  • Narrow-necked glass bottle
  • 6-inch-wide strip of aluminum foil, 1 foot long
  • Large rubber band
Step 1
Drill a hole through the cork large enough for the rope wick to squeeze through; thread the washer down the wick until it presses against the cork. The rope should keep the two items in place; if not, the hole is too large, and a new cork is necessary.
Step 2
Fill the glass hookah base with kerosene. Put the long end of the rope into the kerosene, and lower it until the washer rests on the lip of the glass base.
Step 3
Wrap the strip of foil around the glass so that it extends an inch above the rim. Fold the foil over the washer, but make sure not to cover the wick.
Step 4
Wrap the rubber band at least 3 inches down from the rim, to ensure that the washer is held in place.

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