How to Measure a Fire Pit

How to Measure a Fire PitMeasuring a fire pit is easy to do using one of two simple formulas. It's important to always measure a fire pit before adding a fireplace glass to ensure proper coverage. The average depth of glass for a standard fire pit is three inches, but you can go above or below this number depending on your preference. Once your fire pit is measured and the fireplace glass you want is installed, you can invite family and friends over for an indoor campfire.


Difficulty: Easy

Round Fire Pit

Things You’ll Need:
  • Measuring tape
Step 1
Measure the length of the fire pit at its longest point to find the diameter. Start your measurement at the center of the fire pit and continue all the way around.
Step 2
Square the diameter. Use the formula A x A = B. If the diameter is 20, for example, calculate 20 x 20 = 400.
Step 3
Divide B by 25, a number used to measure all round fire pits. Calculate B / 25 = C or 400 / 25 = 16 based on the example used herein.
Step 4
Multiply C by D (glass thickness). Calculate C x D = the recommended weight of glass for your fire pit. For example, 16 x 2 inches = 32 pounds.

Square and Rectangular Fire Pit

Step 1
Measure the length and width of the fire pit.
Step 2
Multiply length by width to calculate B. For example, L x W = B or 10 x 10 = 100 based on the example used herein.
Step 3
Divide B by 22.5, a measurement used in the square/rectangle formula. For example, B / 22.5 = C or 100 / 22.5 = 4.4.
Step 4
Multiply C by the thickness of glass. For example, C x D = recommended pounds of glass for your fire pit, or 4.4 x 2 inches = 8.8 pounds.

Tips & Warnings

Round, square and rectangular fire pits are available.
Double check measurements for accuracy.

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