How to Set Gill Nets

How to Set Gill Nets
Commercial and non-commercial anglers can set a gill net to catch a large target of fish. Because of the size of the netting, small fish will likely pass through a gill net without injury, whereas large fish will become trapped and later rounded up when the net is removed from the water. Setting a gill net is fairly easy, but you must pay attention to the location of the netting and clearly identify the net with a marker float.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • License
Step 1
Mark the location of the net using a marker float. Attach the float at the top corners of the gill net. Secure the net with an anchoring weight.
Step 2
Drop one end of the net into the water. Lower the rest of the netting into the water behind the boat as you slowly drive away.
Step 3
Drive until the net is sufficiently spread across the water. Drop the second end of the gill net into the water.
Step 4
Drag the entire net behind the boat as you drive away.

Tips & Warnings

Drive away from your net slowly after the first end is released into the water.
Obtain the necessary licenses required to set a gill net in your state.

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