Sizing Wading Boots

Sizing Wading Boots
The image of the fly fisherman in his wading overalls, staying nice and dry even though he is hip-deep in a rushing river, is an indelible image of the sport. Probably because they are underwater, the wading boot is not nearly as recognizable to outsiders and newcomers to wading sports. You need to wear boots over the waders because the waders themselves have poor traction on the river bottom and are vulnerable to tearing on rocks, logs and other obstructions. Since you put much more than just your feet into wading boots, sizing them is a little more complicated than would be the case for a new pair of hiking or work boots.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Inspect the box or inquire with the online vendor or manufacturer to learn what format is used to size the wading shoes. In most instances, a wading boot labeled Size 10 is actually Size 11, but meant for a Size 10 foot. The extra space accommodates the waders. This is not always the case, however, and that is a potential cause for confusion and error. For some wading boot manufacturers, a Size 10 boot is a Size 10 boot, and you are supposed to add the extra size yourself.
Step 2
Add 1/2 a size to the wading boots if your needs include fishing in cold water, such as in highland streams or either very early or very late in the season. The wading boots need more space to fit thick, thermal socks as well as the waders.
Step 3
Try on the boots with waders before purchasing, or retain the receipt and make sure they can be exchanged for wading boots with a better fit if they are a gift. The purpose of these boots is traction on slick river bottoms, and a loose fit will undermine that.

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